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Maggie’s First Hike

May 12, 2013

Last week Robin–Boss–Whoever decided to that we’d all go on a hike. (Read this for her version of it.) That meant a car ride first. I’m not crazy about going in the car, but I usually sleep. Maggie was kind of nervous. In fact she threw up her breakfast which Boss didn’t notice until we got to Matt’s house. Disgusting, but at least it was on the floor of the truck. Then we all got into Matt’s truck.


Here is how Sam and Kirin ride. Maybe I have to introduce Kirin. It used to be Sam and Guinness. Guinness is still around but he has very bad arthritis and is not supposed to go hiking a lot. So he lives with Kaleena’s mom and gets to swim and sleep on nice cushions. Kirin is a Puppy. He doesn’t look like a puppy because he is huge. He is bigger than Sam. They don’t bother me too much anymore, but they still don’t play the way I want to play. It’s OK to go hiking with them.

DSC_1990We started walking on a trail in the woods. As usual the people all had their cameras out. I know that means shadows and sparkles and, hey, I’m there. The people think something is wrong with me, but I know what I see. Sam and Kirin spend a lot of time in the water, but for me it’s all about those shadows.



Even Maggie got in the water which surprised me. She won’t get in the canal when we go walking Across The Road. Maybe she won’t be scared of water anymore.

DSC_2021See what I mean about the cameras? They are everywhere. Robin wouldn’t let me get close to this one though because she thought I’d fall off the rock.

DSC_2075Kaleena was taking pictures too.

DSC_2048Matt took this photo, but Maggie and I thought it was kind of dumb to expect us to just stand on this wet rock and look at the camera.

IMG_4843 _SnapseedAt least this rock was dry. This is all of us in front of Bassi Falls. Robin had to trick Maggie into staying there while Matt took the picture. She kept giving Maggie treats.

IMG_6479You know how Sam and Kirin ride in that big space in the back of the truck? This is where Maggie and I had to ride. There should have been enough room, but Maggie couldn’t figure out how to fit herself into the extra space around me.  I guess it was OK because we were pretty tired and we slept all the way home.

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  1. Bonnie permalink
    June 2, 2013 10:56 pm

    Hey Rusty, looks like you & Maggie had a great hike. Stella & I went to the Dunsmuir botanical gardens last week for the dogwood days celebration. There was another dog on our tour – a silly little doxie. His people didn’t seem to understand that they were suppose to hold the end of his leash & just let him wander everywhere, including over some new plants. Stella stood on his leash a few times & kept him in one place, but the doxie’s people just didn’t get it, even when the guide pointed out he was walking on plants! Our weather is good again so we hope to get in a lot of hiking in the next few months. Glad Guinness has a nice retirement home. Also good to see that you & Maggie seem to be getting along. Take care, Bonnie

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