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Trip to the Doctor with the BOSS

May 5, 2013

Robin has been trying to assert a little more Authority over the dog population–I think it’s Maggie’s fault. Maggie seems to need a lot more Direction and Authority than I do. That’s OK, I’ll go along with it. She (Robin) thinks that if we (Maggie and I) call her Boss it will somehow make a difference. Every time Robin the Boss goes through a gate, Maggie is behind her. Every time that The Boss grabs a sheep, Maggie runs around like a crazy dog and barks. I know that its best to just relax and wait for something to happen, and there is no point to going through a gate when you’re just going to have to come out again. So RoBoss thinks that this will make a difference. Semantics, I say. But I don’t care. I know that ROBIN realizes that we are equals and this is all for Maggie’s benefit.

This post is about something else though. Boss (I may laugh every time I say that) took me to the doctor last week. She noticed that I’ve been pretty stiff and sore when getting up after lying down. It got even worse after chasing down some wayward lambs last week.  The last time I went to the doctor (when Maggie came) they discussed this and Boss was told to give me some Very Expensive dog food with some special stuff in it. It didn’t seem to make a difference. So this time the doctor took funny pictures that show my insides. Boss had said that she thought the problem was in the hips and the doctor said she was right.

Rusty_Lynde_7700-20130429151419750-0-originalThe first one shows that where the leg bones meet the hip bones there are problems. I think she said arthritis.Rusty_Lynde_7700-20130429151424562-0-originalFor the second one I had to lie on my back–how undiginified. The doctor says that the top of the leg bone where it meets the round part is supposed to be skinnier and instead it’s thick. So all these things are causing pain. The doctor said that it is kind of unusual because I’m only 7 years old. She said that my conformation isn’t that good. EXCUSE ME?

Boss is supposed to give me special pills every day and shots twice a week for awhile. Then they’ll decide what to do. I don’t know if there is a difference yet. I’m so used to being sore that I’ve forgotten what it is like not to be.

Fortunately the doctor said that I can still do everything I want to. (My cousin, Guinness, is not supposed to go hiking anymore because he has bad arthritis and he is younger than me.) Ro..Boss said that when Dan takes me running I don’t go all the way with him. I lie down and wait for him at one place. Why would I run a mile or two in the heat just to come back the same way? Who is the smarter one here? When Boss takes me I go with her the whole way because she is walking and I have time to get in the water and dig for ground squirrels.

Bye for now.

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