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Lambing Season

February 21, 2013

I don’t know how I feel about Lambing Season. On the one paw, Robin spends hours in the barn and that’s a good thing. If Robin is in the barn, then I’m in the barn. On the other paw, even though I’m in the barn, I don’t get to herd the sheep much. And on another paw, those sheep get even meaner. Look at this ewe that just lambed today.


She is mean even to Robin.


So I mostly hang out in the non-sheep area. Sometimes I find good things to eat when no one is looking. Today I got to help a little. Robin found a ewe that was in heat today and Robin says that if she breeds her now then that ewe can have her lambs at the State Fair Nursery. I don’t know what she is talking about, but it doesn’t matter. Robin needed me in the ram pen. I helped her catch Faulkner, who she brought over to where the ewe was. DSC_8780

That is Jerry, Faulkner’s buddy, who goes everywhere with Faulkner.DSC_8783

After Faulkner was finished with his job I helped take him back to his pen.DSC_8784



Don’t bother me now. I see shadows.

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