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Cold Feet

January 4, 2013

Yesterday I did something new. Robin said that we were going to visit Sam and Guinness, who Robin calls her grand-puppies. They are a little too big and bouncy for me…well, Sam is the bouncy one. I’d rather just follow their cat around. But that wasn’t the plan yesterday.

We all loaded into Matt’s truck and got out into this:

DSC_7603The ground was cold and white. They call this stuff snow. Everybody in the truck started changing their shoes…

DSC_7606…while Sam and Guinness waited in the truck. Yes, that is Guinness’ real eye color–one blue and one brown.DSC_7751

The people all strapped special shoes on their feet, but they didn’t give any to us dogs. Sometimes I stood on Dan’s big special shoes, but he pulled them out from under me. This snow stuff is hard to walk on because you sink a lot. Robin recorded some of me sinking into the snow. That will be embarrassing if she ever gets around to showing it to anyone. I don’t know how Sam and Guinness do it–they just went running on ahead.

DSC_7638That’s Sam way up ahead. One thing I discovered is that snow can be very sparkly. You know how much I like sparkles and shadows. Robin says that “it’s a Border Collie thing” and that I am obsessed. That doesn’t sound very polite. DSC_7652 Obsessed? I say focused.

DSC_7640There was a little bit of excitement. Sam went bounding on ahead and he fell through the ice. I guess this was more serious than when I break through the ice on the water around the manure pile.

DSC_7645He couldn’t get out.

DSC_7646Matt pulled another chunk of ice away so Sam could swim to us. Sam is usually a very good swimmer, but I guess he was too scared to see that he could swim. He was whining and whimpering.

DSC_7647So Matt went in to get him.

DSC_7648 Sam didn’t want to cooperate. Doesn’t he know that Matt saved his life? (Doesn’t he remember that Matt carried him out of the mountains when he had sore feet?)

DSC_7651Sam shook himself off and then seemed fine. He didn’t even look wet. He must have special kind of fur. When I’m wet you can tell. Fortunately the people had some other clothes with them so Matt could change some of his clothes. The people at their peanut butter sandwiches (although they didn’t bring any for me) and then we walked back to the truck.

DSC_7743Robin says she is going to put some more snow pictures on her blog tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be in some of them.

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  1. January 20, 2013 4:15 am

    Love it – thank you – and so glad Sam has good people friends.

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