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Foxtails again

April 28, 2012

I went for a run with Dan tonight and when I came home my eye was bothering me. I kept pawing at it, but that didn’t help. Robin looked at it and for once she didn’t get her camera out first. She saw something in my eye and got it out.

Robin says it’s a foxtail. I know it doesn’t look like a foxtail, but Robin says that’s what they call everything that comes from the seed head of a grass and gets stuck in eyes, noses, and feet this time of year. She has been using the weed eater the last couple of days to cut down foxtails.

All the pastures are full of them and they are a nuisance. I guess even the sheep get foxtails in their eyes sometimes. They get stuck in between my toes unless Robin clips all the hair off my feet. I hate it when she does that, but I guess it’s better than when the foxtails make holes and go all the way inside my foot.

The thing is, Robin started to clip my feet the other day and then never finished. It’s embarrassing to go around with one foot clipped and the other three not. Maybe she would do them all if I held still next time she tries.

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