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Moving sheep again

March 27, 2012

Robin said that I complained too much in that last post. Yesterday was a better day.

Robin was in the pasture without me and all the sheep went running back to the barn. That wasn’t where she wanted them so she called me.

You can’t see me but I’m in the barn behind the sheep.

See? The sheep are all running out of the barn to where Robin is. That’s not me making them run–Robin would prefer that I make them walk–they’re just running on their own. Crazy sheep.

They have turned the corner and stopped because Robin is standing there.

Now I  have to make them go back around the corner but where Robin opened another fence.

Robin says that they want to go in that field where the grass hasn’t been eaten, but I think that it’s my skill that made them go the right direction, especially those pesky lambs.

That didn’t take long. What’s the next job?

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