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Moving sheep

February 26, 2012

Yesterday I moved sheep to a place that was full of grass and weeds for the sheep to eat.

This is me telling the sheep to go over there. Some of them don’t pay want to pay attention. They turn around and look at me. They aren’t supposed to do that.

Now they are going through the gate. That’s Paulette in the lead. I don’t like her much because she is bossy.

Now they are all through the main gate and going around the funny-looking ram’s pen.

I am still making sure that the sheep go where they are supposed to.

Now they are through the place in the fence where Robin wanted them to go. There is kind of a hill there and a bunch of bushes and trees. Its full of old dry weeds and some green grass.

Then we went back for the ewes with the baby lambs. I don’t like working with them very much because those moms are mean to me.

It’s not too bad if I keep my distance.

When Robin wasn’t looking I found something that smelled wonderful. Cool, huh?

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