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Left at home again

January 25, 2012

Rusty here again…finally. Robin says that she has been too busy to let me write my blog. Then she went somewhere for four days and took the computer with her. She went to a place called Feenix and had fun but she left the rest of us here to deal with the rain and mud. The people all seemed happy to have rain, but then they complain about us dogs coming in the house.

I don’t talk to the Donkey very often but she looks annoyed here. I think it’s because she doesn’t like wet feet.

I know that the sheep don’t like mud and water. They don’t want to walk through it.

You’d think that this was a huge lake  because the sheep won’t cross it.

They want to go around the water, so they try to jump it over near the fence.

I don’t mind going through the water. I have to go under this gate to get out there.

After I go through the water I can get out to the pasture. The sheep can’t go out there right now because Robin wants to let the grass start growing. She says it will do that now that we’ve had rain.

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  1. Bonnie permalink
    September 30, 2012 4:08 am

    Wow Rusty, you are so lucky to get rain. It is so dry here. We really need rain & snow. Today we hiked on Mt. Shasta & it was beautiful. I’m actually worried about my buddy, Stella. She goes in for her second surgery on Monday. She had the first two weeks ago & the tumor on her left hip was malignant, so she is going to have the second on to remove more flesh to make sure the doctor got all of it. Sometimes she is a bit of a grump, but I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her & we do have fun together. I’m trying to convince these people that I NEED sheep. No luck so far. Bonnie

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