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Old Friends

December 22, 2011

Robin got a letter yesterday from the person who lives with my friend, Bonnie. Bonnie came to live here a few months after I did. She was older than me and acted scared of everything when she first got here. After awhile she decided that she liked me and we used to play a lot. In fact, she is the only dog that has ever understood how I like to play. You run, I chase, then we roll around on the ground together. None of the other dogs that visit have figured out how I want to play, so I don’t play with them. But that’s not what I was writing about. I was writing about Bonnie.

This is a picture of Bonnie and me looking down at the sheep from the second level of the barn. Bonnie jumped from the stairs into the sheep part once. Way to go, Bonnie!

This is when Robin took all of us for a walk near the canal. That other dog is Benny. He still lives here. He’s kind of old and sometimes he is grumpy.

These are old pictures. Benny doesn’t go on walks with us any more. I think it’s because he doesn’t pay attention if Robin wants him to do something. Benny likes to bark at that brown truck when it comes, but that’s just about all we do together. He gets me in trouble because he barks a lot. Then I bark and Robin yells at us. She says that I know better. Doesn’t Benny know better? He just gets away with it. But that’s not what I was writing about. I was writing about Bonnie.

Bonnie moved away a few years ago. Robin says that she was not happy here. She had been mistreated and was afraid of lots of things. Bonnie liked Robin–I know that–but she was kind of hard to live with. I remember that Bonnie was afraid when I was herding sheep and she would run to the house and hide. When we were in the barn Bonnie wouldn’t behave properly. When she was on the outside of the fence she was always biting at the sheep or barking at them. Bonnie went to live with some people who live way up north in the snow. It’s called Modoc County. I wonder if that is near the North Pole. Those people didn’t have any sheep but they had another dog that Bonnie could play with and she got to go to work every day with her new person. I heard that he even let Bonnie sit on the couch and watch TV with him. Wow! I don’t get to do that.

So anyway, Robin got this letter. Bonnie was in a picture with Santa Claus. See, I think she does live near the North Pole! They sent another picture, too, that shows Bonnie lying on a special cushion. I don’t have a special cushion like that. Maybe you have to know Santa Claus to get one of those. Here is one more picture of Bonnie. This is how I like to remember her–when we went for walks she seemed happy! I’m glad that now she is living at a place where she is happy all the time.


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  1. Bonnie permalink
    March 20, 2012 12:49 am

    Hey Rusty, so great to hear from you. Wow, good to hear about the old times & mutual friends. I actually live in Siskiyou County now & it must be close to the North Pole because it is really, really cold. The people I live with now are easily trained & don’t give me much trouble. Jean is a real push-over for treats, but I like Bill the best because he takes me to haul hay which is my new favorite thing. I reward him by sleeping at his feet on the bed at night. Jean retired and is home all of the time now so she can make sure I get my noon treat every day & she takes me to town once a week to shop & I”m a “townee.” Stella is about the crabbiest dog I’ve met – I play with her but what a grouch & tattle-tail! She growls every time she thinks I’m doing something I shouldn’t. She doesn’t know anything about herding &keeps getting in the way when I’m trying to put the horses or steers where they belong. When Bill feeds the two pet steers, I help by running them into the barn, out the other side, then back in again. There are two cats here that also don’t understand herding -Vinnie & Marcie. First, I try to herd them, then they turn around & chase me. Cats are not good herd animals. Keep in touch Rusty. Your buddy, Bonnie.

  2. Barbara permalink
    July 13, 2012 6:36 pm

    Loved reading your recollections of Bonnie. So glad she found a forever home with loving humans and is now happy. Plus, she knows how to use the computer so you two can keep in touch!


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