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Cutting Wool off Sheep

November 23, 2011

We finally did something interesting here. This was the day that all the sheep had their wool cut off. The people call that shearing. All of Robin’s friends showed up to help her, but it takes a lot of them to move the sheep and then some of the sheep get away. I don’t have that problem. I am much more effective. Too bad Robin didn’t take any pictures of me working. They were shearing the rams when Robin’s friend brought her goats for shearing. I didn’t think that goats need shearing. Our goat doesn’t need shearing. These goats were pretty hairy looking though. As they were getting them out of the trailer one of them got away. She ran into the pasture and I went out to get her. I’d like to think that I did the work of getting her back into the barn, but even though I helped, I think the main reason she went back was that she saw our sheep there. Before she saw the sheep she was acting looney, running to the corners of the pasture.

Robin didn’t take very many pictures of me. This is when everyone had a lunch break. That nice guy on the hay is John, the shearer. He knew that I should have lunch along with everyone else and he gave me some of his.

These are some of the people who helped Robin and me with Shearing Day.

This is a sheep they call Sparkle. Doesn’t she look funny? I’m glad they don’t cut all my hair off.

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