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Visiting my relatives

November 13, 2011

Robin is finally letting me use the computer again. It seems that her blog and my blog were all mixed up and it was too confusing (that’s what she said–I’m not confused). Now I have my own e-mail address so I guess that means that the blogs are separate.

There hasn’t been that much to write about anyway because Robin has been in her shop all the time working. She is supposed to be working outside because then I get to help. And she was gone for a few days. B-o-r-i-n-g.

Today we finally did something fun.

We drove to see my relatives. Robin says the people are her son and daughter-in-law so that makes me Sam and Guiness’s uncle. Huh? All I know is that they are pretty big and Sam is bouncy. I really like the cat that lives with them. The people rode bikes and we all ran. I’m not used to mountains and I will admit that I got a little tired by the end of it. Good thing that Robin and Kaleena had to walk up some of the steep parts. I slowed down too and they think its because I was being nice and staying with her.

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  1. November 14, 2011 5:48 am

    This is Mobi. I don’t have my own blog. Lucky you, Rusty. Glad your Mom got your blog fixed as I like to read about what you’re doing. Thanks for coming over today and helping with the sheep. Mom won’t let me yet. Not sure what she’s worried about – they’re just sheep. Me, I worry about that big llama.

    Hey, what were you and your nephews looking at instead of the camera?

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