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Today’s job

September 18, 2011


My person, Robin, finally had a job for me to do today. Actually it wasn’t MY person, it was Mobi’s person who is named Jackie and has asked Robin to check my schedule. Robin and I drove to where Mobi’s sheep have been living. Now that Jackie has a farm in Vacaville it was time to move her sheep. The people didn’t think they could do it without a dog and Mobi hasn’t had enough practice yet.  Mobi’s sheep don’t all pay attention to a dog the way they should.

The Jacob sheep figured out what to do, but that big gray curly one was giving me trouble. He just stood there and it took awhile before he would move.

These are rams in the next pen over. They look a little scary but I think I could make them pay attention.

The people put halters on the sheep and the llama and put them in our trailer. When we got to the new place no one even asked me to help. They just put up panels and opened gates and all the sheep left the trailer. The llama needed help.

I was on the outside of the fence and didn’t get to go in until the work was over.

Jackie looks like she sure likes her llama. We don’t like llamas so much at our house. When people starts talking about llamas Robin says she likes “equines better than camelids”  Our biggest animal is a donkey. I guess that is an equine.

I got paid today! Jackie sent tat whole bag of treats home with me.





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  1. colleen simon permalink
    September 18, 2011 4:20 pm

    Hi Rusty,
    Glad to hear that you got work. It is very boring here. Last week I jumped the fence and went to our neighbors to help them with their sheep. They were happy for the help but Colleen was pretty upset. She is now micromanaging my every move. Lets hope they find more for us to do. Your brother Jake

  2. September 18, 2011 5:18 pm

    Thanks, Rusty for getting our sheep and llama moved yesterday. Jackie won’t let me near the sheep yet but I don’t think I could have done what you did yesterday, anyway. After Robin fixed Jackie’s barn set-up, she gave her some ideas of how I can help soon. Today, I just tried to squeeze under the fence to see the sheep but I didn’t quite fit. Darn.

    I hope to be walking in your pawprints soon!

    Love, Mobi

  3. September 18, 2011 6:41 pm

    Hey Rusty…it’s me Riley. We haven’t met but I live with Kathi and we’re up here in Klamath. I’ve been chasing chickens and playing with two kids that live here. Whenever they knock at the door I bark to try to scare them away, but I’m only fooling myself. They’re very persistent you see.

    Looking forward to coming home. The ride is long, but I just sleep in the back seat and take walks whenever Kathi stops the truck at the rest stops.

    Bye for now.

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