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Across the Road Finally

February 2, 2017

Rusty here. I let Ginny go first with the blog tonight. Do you remember when we used to go Across the Road? That seems like a long time ago now. The last time I wrote a blog post about it was here. Robin wasn’t taking me much because my hips were so sore and I had a hard time going all the way around the regular loop. And then Robin was gone for a really long time (12 days I think) and then it rained a lot so it was muddy over there and we had our own lake here. Well, it stopped raining so Robin decided to take us for a walk again. Then she realized that I could chase Ginny on the whole walk and not have to take the short-cut home, so she has been taking us Across the Road more. (It must be those pills that I have in my food every day.)


Here we are ready to be let off the leashes. As usual Ginny is watching The Ball and I am ready to chase after Ginny and Maggie is oblivious to that game.


Lately Ginny thinks its funny to drop The Ball down a slope and watch it for awhile before she goes after it.

Ginny got in trouble on this walk. Robin was taking pictures of the ground (yeah, kind of dumb) while Ginny and I were waiting for her to throw The Ball and all of a sudden Maggie came racing by chasing a rabbit. Then Ginny followed. They both went out of sight, around the turns in the dirt road. Robin ran after them (as if Robin thinks she can run as fast as a dog and a rabbit) and I followed her (even I know that I can’t catch a rabbit). Then Maggie popped up out of the canal way ahead of us.


Robin yelled for Ginny…


…and eventually she showed up too.

The next walk:



Ginny was still rolling The Ball downhill. Robin took some video of her doing this but she hasn’t done anything with that yet.


But she also wants Robin to throw The Ball…



…and so do I.



Ginny Has a Check-up

February 2, 2017

Hi, This is Ginny talking. I got excited yesterday when Mom put my crate in the car and told me to get in. I figured that were going to Sheepdog Debbie’s place where I get to herd sheep that know what they are supposed to do when a Border Collie shows up. It was a trick. When Mom opened the door it didn’t smell right and then she opened the crate and I saw the street. It was the Doctor Place and I was not happy.


First I was supposed to sit on this thing in the corner.


Then I had to sit on the floor and wait for something to happen.


I stayed right next to mom when this other dog came out of the Doctor Door. Her name was Daisy Bell or Dixie Bab something like that. She didn’t want to be there either.


Look who strolled out from the Doctor Door next. She didn’t have a person with her.


I think she lives here at the Doctor Place.


I guess that is why there is this artwork on the wall. Maybe White Cat owns the Doctor Place and gets to decorate it. Mom took the picture of those cats because she knows who made it–someone who sells things at the same place where Mom sells the stuff she makes.


White Cat came up to me to sniff my nose. I guess if she lives here she is not afraid of dogs. Then it was time for me to go into a smaller room.


I know that this is the way out.


Aren’t we ready to go yet?


This is my Doctor. She is named Doctor Murray and she seems nice but I still didn’t want to be there. She said that I am pretty and that my teeth look OK even though I chase tennis balls. Mom asked about that because a friend of hers said that his dog’s teeth were worn out from playing with tennis balls that get covered with sand. Dr. Murray said that as long as I just chase and catch the balls it’s probably all right. Dogs that chew them all the time may have problems.

Bye now. Thanks, Rusty for letting me use your blog.


Our Very Own Lake

January 9, 2017

Look where we get to play now!


There is water everywhere and it’s kind of fun to run around in it.



Ginny can pretend that we Across the Road and she is jumping in the canal for The Ball.



Robin says to remember that we’re lucky though because we don’t have to go in the water if we don’t want to and we have a warm place to sleep at night. She says the sheep are also lucky because they can all get into the barn and it won’t flood and some sheep have to be out in the rain all the time.


Finn & Sawyer

December 20, 2016

The puppies were out by the barn the other day. Their mom took them out to play and all of us dogs went out. Robin says that it’s hard to get photos of them because they won’t sit still.


This is Sawyer.


This is Finn.



Finn likes the Ball, but not as much as Ginny does.



This is a new ball that their Mom got for them.


I don’t think that Sawyer really wanted the ball.


She just wanted to chase Finn. Then they got distracted by tussling with each other.


Look who ended up with the ball.

I’m Glad it Wasn’t Me

December 4, 2016

Robin and her friends do this every year at this time. They think it’s fun  to have us dogs dress up in hats and then they take pictures. I was one of the unwilling participants in this last year. Yesterday however, it was sort of an after thought so they didn’t try that hard to get all of us in a picture. The spinning ladies were all in the shop where it was warm and they were spinning and knitting and eating cake. It wasn’t until later in the day that they remembered the hats.


They went to Amaryllis first. She surprisingly went along with it. I think she expected a treat for her cooperation.


All she got were hugs. Well, Lisa gave Amaryllis part of an orange, but Amaryllis didn’t want that treat.


Ginny was up next. Dona sent me this photo of Robin taking a picture of Ginny.


Thanks, Ginny, for taking the heat off Maggie and me.


Then they went out to find some sheep who would cooperate. Jade already has four horns so didn’t need any auxiliary ones. Trista tried out the four-horn look briefly, but they didn’t say on very well and not without Robin holding them.

I hope this event is over for this year.

Power of the Dog

November 27, 2016

There isn’t much work for either of us dogs right now but Robin asked me to help her with this sheep that was in the wrong place.img_4839

She is a spring lamb and didn’t behave like she should have when confronted by a Border Collie.


She challenged me…


…but finally gave up and turned.


Meanwhile, Ginny occasionally gets to work a small group of lambs. She has them pretty well dog-broke now, but they still have to be reminded of what to do.


This is how sheep should behave when there is a Border Collie present.

My Vacation by Ginny – Lake Tahoe

November 14, 2016

I was going to name this Jumping in the Big Water but Mom (I’m going to call her Mom from now on because Mick and Fiona both have Moms and Mom and I did a lot of cuddling on our vacation so I think she really is my Mom) said that the Big Water is a big lake and it is called Lake Tahoe.

In the post last night I showed one picture of me getting The Ball out of Lake Tahoe. It’s not like getting The Ball when it is thrown in our ditch Across the Road. I’m used to jumping off the bank for The Ball. There was no bank here and when I walked in as far as I could The Ball was still out of reach. Mom told me to start swimming and I did.



That water is cold.


Mom threw The Ball a little farther and I found that I could still jump for it if I got part way in the water first.


I kept getting distracted by other dog smells.


And other dogs that were at the lake.


“OK, I’m ready now.”


“Really, I am!”



I found that it is hard to swim with waves. I swallowed a lot of water but threw it up so I was OK.


When I jumped sometimes I still wasn’t close enough…


…so I had to swim too.




Mom decided that we had to go. She said that I was shaking because it was so cold. I would have kept on jumping and swimming but she insisted.

Now I’m home again but I will remember the Big Water.