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Another Puppy

October 25, 2016

It seems that there is another puppy that I’ll have to deal with, but this one doesn’t live here. She will just visit every so often. Her name is Daisy and she lives with Robin’s brother’s family. Kathy (that’s her mom) and Chris (Robin’s son who lives next door) have been arranging play-dates for their puppies. Yesterday they were here and all of us met Daisy.


This is Daisy. She is a Queensland Heeler.


She seemed a little grouchy at first but maybe that’s because Ginny came on a little too strong. The people didn’t let Maggie and me out at first because they thought that would be too much for Daisy. We are the ones who know how to behave though.

I must tell you here before I go farther that Robin didn’t do a very good job with these photos. There aren’t any photos of ALL of us. There are very few of ME. And most of them have either dog tales in the wrong place or you can’t really tell which dog part you’re seeing.


See what I mean? That’s Maggie’s tail. Ginny had the old Toy. (That’s because the newer Toy has lost it’s rope and Robin hasn’t fixed it.)


Daisy wanted to investigate the Toy.


She took it from Ginny.


Then Finn got it. After that the puppies chased each other and the Toy traded hands mouths.





Ginny followed the Toy and I followed Ginny as usual.


This is Sawyer and Finn investigating something smelly that was left over from when Robin and her friends dyed yarn the other day.


Chris decided to organize things. He’s playing Tug with Finn, Ginny is keeping her eye on the Toy in case it is thrown, I’m waiting for Ginny to run, and Sawyer is oblivious to the game and barking at Ginny.


We all went out to the barn and got to really chase the Toy (or Ginny).



Finn is a little intimidated by Amaryllis.


The goal was for Daisy to learn about playing with other dogs and get worn out.


I don’t thing she got worn out. Hey, Kathy, you’re going to have to think up something else for that.

Ginny’s Birthday

October 12, 2016

Robin just posted puppy photos of Ginny on her blog. She said that I could use some photos for sheep herding training from last week. Usually Robin is the one that works with Ginny when she goes to Sheepdog Debbie’s house (because Robin is the one that needs the training, not Ginny–it was the same way when I used to go there) but last week Robin had a cold so Debbie worked with Ginny. Debbie likes working with Ginny because she says it is like driving a Ferrari.

dsc_3274-2Debbie was setting up the gates for the sheep. Ginny was watching the sheep…

dsc_3276-2…and went to get them as soon as Debbie told her to.

dsc_3288-2Ginny brought the sheep to Debbie and then went towards the holding pens. The dog doesn’t have to stay behind the sheep if the sheep are where they are supposed to be. In this case the sheep might want to run to the barn but Ginny’s position keeps them from doing that.

dsc_3292-2First Ginny got to do a little practice penning the sheep. She keeps them in this pen until Debbie wants them to go out.

dsc_3293-2Then Ginny let the sheep go to the holding pens and held them in place so Debbie could let a few in at a time. You can’t see Ginny because she is lying down out of the photo. If she were any closer the sheep would be crowding Debbie.dsc_3295-2At this point Ginny walked the last few sheep into the pens.


So now Ginny is two years old and I am ten. Robin has been letting me go Across the Road again on short walks. I’ll post some pictures of that next time.

Ginny’s Turn

September 12, 2016

Rusty is letting me use his blog again. Thanks, Rusty. You’re the best!

c-fiber-4Robin spent a lot of time throwing My Toy because she says that she is still trying to get the perfect picture.


That’s OK with me. I’ll keep jumping.


Robin says it’s hard to get a good photo because she has to throw The Toy AND take the photo while she’s trying to keep from getting too much dirt on her camera (from wet mud on The Toy).








Maggie always goes with us but she’s only interested in finding things to chase.

Dogs Everywhere

September 10, 2016

Every month Robin invites all of her friends over and they sit around in her shop or outside and do stuff with yarn. She calls it Spinners Day Out. There is a Spinners Night Out too. Today was another one of those days but she told people that they could bring their dogs. It was kind of crazy at first. People showed up with dogs and us dogs in the yard started barking because…well, just because. And the puppies next door were barking. So Robin brought the puppies into our yard so we could all bark together. A couple of people didn’t bring dogs but there were enough extras of us to go around.

It was kind of crazy at first with all the dogs sniffing and getting their people all tangled up in leashes. Robin took over a bench with the three of us. One of her friends had the puppies on leashes.

c-fiber-18They are just learning about leashes but I must say that they behaved very well.


Just like at the regular Spinners Day Out, Robin made cookies.

Eventually most of the dogs settled down and some of the people did some of the work they brought.


This is  Shoshi. She is a Golden Doodle. That means one of her parents is a poodle and one is a golden retriever. She is very hairy but a very nice color. Oh, and her person is Connie.c-fiber-3

This is Bingo and his person said he is part Dalmatian and part Border Collie. He doesn’t look like me though.c-fiber-4

His person, Mimi, brought a blanket for him, but he didn’t fit on it.


This is Fiona. I knew her already because she comes and stays in our yard sometimes. One of her parents is a Border Collie and she is the same color as Ginny and me.


Olive is a Flat-coated Retriever and she is still kind of a puppy. She is very good at sneaking treats and fiber and is so fast in doing it that she kept catching the people by surprise.c-fiber-7

Princess Lotus Blossom was the smallest dog here except for our puppies. She is a partly a Rough-coated Russell and she stayed out of trouble most of the time.


Mick is an Australian Shepherd who lives in Davis. He’s about the same age as me. I think Fiona is too.

After all the dogs got here Robin said it was time to go Across the Road. She hasn’t taken me over there for a long time but she said I could go this time. c-fiber-8

First the people had to walk up the main road and make sure that we stayed out of the way of trucks.c-fiber-9

Once we were on the dirt road Robin took the leashes off of us and some of the other dogs got to be off the leash too. This was our puppies’ first trip this far Across the Road. Robin says that they were encouraged to go there because they wanted to be part of the big pack of dogs. c-fiber-10

Robin wanted to take a picture of all of us but it didn’t work very well. This is the best one of all the other dogs but Maggie isn’t in it.


Now Ginny and Maggie are missing.


She finally got all of us in the picture (sort of) but now the other dogs don’t want to be still.


I was glad to be able to get in the water. It feels cool and my hips don’t hurt as much when I walk in it.

c-fiber-13Olive really likes the water…so much that she puts her whole head under the water.


She has very good shake style.



Like usual, I mainly wanted to chase Ginny who was chasing The Toy. It was hard to get back home because my hips hurt a lot and I had to keep sitting down. (Robin took me to the doctor this week and I just started a new medicine, so maybe it will get better.) When we got back home the people had lunch and worked on their projects. Us dogs were supposed to lie around quietly.


That doesn’t work for everyone.


By the way, notice that Maggie has a chain instead of a leash. Robin had her tied to the chair for a few minutes and wasn’t paying attention and Ginny started to chew through the leash. That is what she used to do when she first came here.c-fiber-22

That’s Sawyer and Finn again. I think they had a good time seeing all these other dogs.  I’ll invite them all over again if it means that I get to go Across the Road.

Puppy Play

September 1, 2016

Sometimes the people open the get between our yards and let The Puppies come over. It’s mainly so that Ginny will babysit them.


She runs with her toy along the deck near the house and up these steps. DSC_2270

The puppies follow but by then Ginny has disappeared…DSC_2271

…because she jumps off the deck into the garden.


Ginny comes out of the garden…


…and get the puppies to chase her again.


She is too fast for them and gets out of their way…


…until she doesn’t mind them catching her.


This is one of the favorite play spots. It’s one of Robin’s garden spots that doesn’t have a fence. I think that us dogs aren’t supposed to be in there but she can’t do much about it without a fence.


I still have my own way of following Ginny when she has the Toy.


Maggie is always around too but she doesn’t want anything to do with puppies.



Ginny’s focus.


Ginny’s Day

August 23, 2016

Can I write in your blog, Rusty? Please? Pleeeze?


This is Ginny. Rusty said that I can show you what I’ve been doing. This is me going out to get the ram lambs for Robin.


Now I have them running in.


Then Robin just wanted me to keep them in one place because she was taking pictures.


Here is one of the pictures she took. This ram is a bad ram because he doesn’t pay attention to me. I bark at him and then Robin yells at me.


We go on walks sometimes in the afternoons. Robin wasn’t paying attention and forgot to tell me to get Red Toy so I brought the wrong one.


This Toy sinks in the water. Robin threw it in the water by mistake and she had to lie on the bridge and grab it as it came under.


Then she just threw it on the road instead of in the water.


Maggie goes on the walks too but she doesn’t pay attention to the Toy or to me.


We see a lot of these big white birds. One of these days I will catch one.


I just know it.

Puppies in My Yard

August 6, 2016

It didn’t take long after the puppies arrived that they came into my yard.


Ginny still wants to just play with The Toy and then I chase her. Just like always. But now sometimes the puppies get knocked over because they aren’t fast enough to get out of the way.


Ginny has competition for The Toy however.


She doesn’t seem to mind someone else with her Toy as long as it is eventually thrown again.


She gets more annoyed at this.


She has learned out to create her personal moat to keep the puppies away.


Finn is playing Olympic Ring Toss.


This is the puppies with their Mom, Meryl.