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Across the Road with Everyone

July 1, 2018

Robin’s grandkids aren’t here anymore but one of the days that they were here we all went Across the Road. Robin didn’t think she could take us dogs along with those two kids but Meryl decided to go too.DSC_1563                We walked towards the dam and to the cement ditch.IMG_7840          Ginny is always focused on the ball and I follow her. I don’t know what the other three were doing. Maggie is usually trying to find something to kill. Finn and Sawyer run and then stop and play with each other (although they sound as though they are fighting).

DSC_1582                    This is on the way back. Meryl got tired and wanted a ride.DSC_1585               Robin doesn’t usually put the leashes on us until we get near the road, but I guess you just can’t trust those puppies (even though they’re not really puppies anymore).DSC_1587               Kirby (the kid in pink) wanted to take Sawyer’s leash but Meryl said that she needed to hang on to it.IMG_7866                Robin said that Kirby could hold my leash.IMG_7869                  I showed her the way home.IMG_7871                   Good kid.


People Puppies

June 20, 2018

Robin’s and Dan’s grandkids were here for a couple of weeks. Us dogs were ignored more than usual except when the kids were outside. The little one’s name is Kasen. He found the ball-thrower and Ginny was hopeful. DSC_1234            Kasen wasn’t very good at using it, but at first he didn’t want anyone to help him. DSC_1243          Eventually he let Dan put the ball in the thrower.DSC_1258              Then he gave Robin the ball-thrower and let her throw the ball.

DSC_1245          Kasen took back the thrower and ran after Ginny.DSC_1249

Once Ginny had the ball she took it back to Dan, Kasen brought the thrower over, Dan loaded it, and Kasen ran off with it again. Eventually Robin could throw it for Ginny. This happened over and over. I, of course, have no interest in the ball, but I’m always there to chase Ginny when she runs for it.

DSC_1286            Kasen got distracted a few times.DSC_1288           Ginny, ever hopeful, followed him.DSC_1293                   It was a hot day and eventually Ginny took the ball and lay down in the ditch.

Good idea, Ginny!

Three Styles

June 3, 2018

There was something in this wood pile. IMG_7113                  It wouldn’t stop chirping at us.IMG_7116              Did you know there are three ways to investigate a chirpy noise?IMG_7119          Mine is to study it. Keen observation they call it.IMG_7118            Ginny just barges in wherever she can fit.IMG_7122        Maggie?

IMG_7121        Maggie tries to chew her way through.

Birthday Parties

June 3, 2018

The Puppies had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. But I think they had the party without us because their person, Chris, just brought us the leftovers. Puppy birthday-1We were upstairs in G-2 (that’s Dan’s house) and Chris came up their with the puppies and a half eaten dog-biscuit-shaped cake. At least I think it was dog-biscuit-shaped but like I said it was half gone. Chris gave us each a little piece, but then Robin thought that we should all be in a picture so everyone went outside. Puppy birthday-2By the way the Puppies aren’t really puppies anymore but we call them that because it’s easier than trying to say Finn and Sawyer. They are two years old now.Puppy birthday-3 Robin wanted us to all line up in one line but that wasn’t happening.Puppy birthday-4Does Chris really think that we are going to all eat that piece politely off the plate. I mean I’m good with it, but Ginny will probably tear into Maggie. Puppy birthday-5Robin said something to Chris about that and he separated the meager piece of cake that was left.Puppy birthday-6By the way, before anyone gets upset about dogs eating cake, Meryl said that she made this cake from a special recipe meant for dogs.

Five Dogs Across the Road

April 13, 2018

Robin finally took us Across the Road and there is now water in the cement ditch.

DSC_9256          Ginny was happy about that.DSC_9262                Robin says this is Ginny’s Yoda look. I don’t know what that means.DSC_9263


DSC_9316                        Surprise! Finn and Sawyer were going on a walk too. Chris throws the ball farther than Robin, even with the ball thrower thing. DSC_9319               By the way, Maggie doesn’t get in many pictures but she is in this one up in the front. She is always off doing her own thing.DSC_9324          That’s Finn and Sawyer in the big canal.DSC_9313           Ginny and Finn. By this time the ball that Robin brought for Ginny and the ball that Chris brought were both lost. When the dogs all chase the balls no one seems to hang on to them.

DSC_9343                So Chris got Finn excited by throwing dirt clods.DSC_9338              Ginny knew better than to chase a dirt clod into the ditch.DSC_9339                 See, Finn? It was all a trick and there was nothing to catch.

Meet the Sheep

April 13, 2018

Robin invites a bunch of people here every year for something she calls Meet the Sheep. Usually there is a lot of work for me because The Bunny Lady brings goats and bunnies that are Not In Fences. Here are some photos of that from last year. But this year The Bunny Lady wasn’t here.DSC_9433           However, we have goats living here now so I had to watch them some of the time.IMG_6250               Ginny was on duty too.IMG_6251               Some of the time Robin even put people kids in with the goat kids.IMG_6256                 This was an easy day but I was disappointed that there was no Bunny Lady. I think she’ll be here next year.

New Pets?

March 29, 2018

Robin brought something home a couple of weeks ago.                     IMG_5786              She took it right to the barn.IMG_5784                       We knew that it was alive.IMG_5788            Maggie is licking her lips because she hopes that she’ll be able to eat it.IMG_5792                   I don’t think that Robin will let her eats these. I don’t know why she got them. The last time we had goats they didn’t pay any attention to us dogs.IMG_E5940              They were hungry after Robin brought them home.IMG_5789                  If Robin wants them to be safe here…IMG_5797                  …we’ll keep watch.