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Heart of an Athlete

January 10, 2019

img_1617This is what it looks like just after breakfast in  the morning. Time for chores.img_1636 Most of the time right now we don’t have much to do but on this morning Robin asked Ginny and me to keep the rams away from her while she cleaned the soggy hay out of the feeders. Ginny still doesn’t pay as much attention as I do to Robin. She was closer than she was supposed to be but the rams seemed to pay attention to her. I was back-up. img_1639We went to the house and right away Robin took me to the car. A doctor appointment? Really? There was a cute little dog there and I might have played, but the leashes didn’t quite reach.img_1641The lady at the front desk had us go into another room where she made some notes. What I eat (dogfood), how I act (good), how old (almost 13).When the doctor came in she listened to my heart and tried to get my back legs to move. She said that there isn’t much range of motion in the hips but that I have a Heart of an Athlete. I’m going to stay on the same medicine that I’ve been on and she didn’t even make me have a blood test because I seem healthy and can go all night without peeing. Of course–was there ever a question about that? I did have to go in the back for her to look in my eyes and give me a shot. Those shots are good for three years and Robin said that is probably the last one I’ll have to get. She seemed a little sad about that but I think that sounds good. img_1649When we came out of the little room we saw a friend. Robin tried to get a photo of Mobi (who lives with Jackie) and me but he wasn’t very cooperative.img_1653He must not understand that you’re supposed to be “photogenic” at all times. We might have started playing but then he had to go into the little room.img_1655I have never really liked car rides. I mean I don’t mind but they are pretty boring. I just sleep on the floor even though Robin put that towel on the seat for me.


The Giant Mosquito

December 30, 2018

Other people from Robin’s family were here a few days ago. Matt brought his giant mosquito with him.IMG_1486He has done this before and it always makes Ginny a little crazy. IMG_1482The puppies don’t like it much either. They all barked at it.DJI_0051All summer the people complain about mosquitoes but those are the little ones. They seem to like this big mosquito because it works for them. It carries a camera and Matt can control where it goes and takes pictures. This is our farm. Our house is in the trees in the middle of the picture and the puppies live in the light colored house near the yellow tree. Across the Road is, umm, across the road on the right side of the photo.DJI_0044Matt called the mosquito in close to take pictures of all of us. Ginny and the puppies had to be held in place or they would have been barking at it.IMG_1490After the mosquito stopped flying then it was time for the ball. As usual it was Ginny and the puppies that were excited about that.IMG_1491It looks as though Finn has the ball in this photo. I will chase all of them.IMG_1493Now they want more but the people didn’t stay out long. They went inside to have dinner.

Across the Road

December 15, 2018

Robin has been hogging the computer to make a new website so I haven’t been able to write a blog post for awhile. Besides, it’s  been kind of boring here for us dogs. We finally went Across the Road yesterday.DSC_5341Ginny had her ball as usual. DSC_5359I run after Ginny as usual.DSC_5362After chasing the ball a lot Ginny decided she needed to get in the water so she veered off into the canal.DSC_5367That sounded good to me too.DSC_5368You need to have a good shake when you get out of the water.DSC_5371Out of the canal and back to running.DSC_5388Robin decided to try and get some good photos of Ginny catching the ball.DSC_5391She took a lot of photos but only kept a few.DSC_5401She says those aren’t as good as she’d like.DSC_5409She did get a good expression on Ginny even if the photo isn’t sharp enough.DSC_5413


DSC_5408This is what Ginny is so excited about. I don’t get the attraction.DSC_5422Ginny needed another dip in the canal. It’s a lot steeper here and I didn’t go down there.DSC_5431Maggie with us when we are Across the Road but she doesn’t pay attention to what we’re doing.DSC_5436This is on our way home…DSC_5435…and this is what our farm looks like from Across the Road.

Chasing Ginny Chasing the Ball Again

November 8, 2018

We went Across the Road again. There isn’t much water left in the canal. Robin says they stopped the irrigation water because it is supposed to be the rainy season. I don’t see any rain. It is windy and dry. Robin says that is not good.IMG_0948I don’t know what Ginny sees in that ball but she sure likes to chase it.IMG_0951I’m glad because I like to chase her when she chases the ball.IMG_0953I can wait just like she does.IMG_0956Maggie just does her own thing.IMG_0959Now you can kind of see the bottom of the dirt ditch. It’s very mucky in there and there are some pockets of muddy water.IMG_0962So this is what Ginny looks like after being in the ditch.IMG_0965Sometimes Robin doesn’t throw the ball in the ditch but Ginny drops it in there on purpose. Then she can go after it and bring it back out.IMG_0966I’ll still wait for her.IMG_0969Even Maggie gets muddy feet in that ditch.IMG_0974Time to go home.

Chasing Ginny Chasing the Ball

October 23, 2018

We finally went Across the Road again. Robin spends too much time doing other stuff. She took some pictures for me to use for a blog post. What’s the point of a blog post without pictures?DSC_4324Ginny purposely puts the ball on the bank and lets it roll into the ditch. I think she expects Robin to get it for her, but Robin makes Ginny get it.DSC_4341Robin took a bunch of photos of Ginny catching the ball and I’m in most of them. DSC_4342As you know I think that chasing a ball is rather silly, but there is purpose in chasing Ginny while she runs after the ball.DSC_4354Maggie isn’t in most of the pictures because she is always off doing her own thing and looking for something to kill catch.DSC_4357Ginny lets the ball roll into the cement ditch.DSC_4363Here she is waiting for Robin to pick up the ball and throw it.DSC_4388


DSC_4400The dirt sticks to wet fur.DSC_4405Other things stick to my fur.DSC_4410

DSC_4443Not a very good throw, Robin. The ball is supposed to stay on the road.DSC_4449



DSC_4451This is what Ginny is so excited about.DSC_4460Needing a good shake after getting out of the canal.

Across the Road with Everyone

July 1, 2018

Robin’s grandkids aren’t here anymore but one of the days that they were here we all went Across the Road. Robin didn’t think she could take us dogs along with those two kids but Meryl decided to go too.DSC_1563                We walked towards the dam and to the cement ditch.IMG_7840          Ginny is always focused on the ball and I follow her. I don’t know what the other three were doing. Maggie is usually trying to find something to kill. Finn and Sawyer run and then stop and play with each other (although they sound as though they are fighting).

DSC_1582                    This is on the way back. Meryl got tired and wanted a ride.DSC_1585               Robin doesn’t usually put the leashes on us until we get near the road, but I guess you just can’t trust those puppies (even though they’re not really puppies anymore).DSC_1587               Kirby (the kid in pink) wanted to take Sawyer’s leash but Meryl said that she needed to hang on to it.IMG_7866                Robin said that Kirby could hold my leash.IMG_7869                  I showed her the way home.IMG_7871                   Good kid.

People Puppies

June 20, 2018

Robin’s and Dan’s grandkids were here for a couple of weeks. Us dogs were ignored more than usual except when the kids were outside. The little one’s name is Kasen. He found the ball-thrower and Ginny was hopeful. DSC_1234            Kasen wasn’t very good at using it, but at first he didn’t want anyone to help him. DSC_1243          Eventually he let Dan put the ball in the thrower.DSC_1258              Then he gave Robin the ball-thrower and let her throw the ball.

DSC_1245          Kasen took back the thrower and ran after Ginny.DSC_1249

Once Ginny had the ball she took it back to Dan, Kasen brought the thrower over, Dan loaded it, and Kasen ran off with it again. Eventually Robin could throw it for Ginny. This happened over and over. I, of course, have no interest in the ball, but I’m always there to chase Ginny when she runs for it.

DSC_1286            Kasen got distracted a few times.DSC_1288           Ginny, ever hopeful, followed him.DSC_1293                   It was a hot day and eventually Ginny took the ball and lay down in the ditch.

Good idea, Ginny!