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Chicken Movie

July 14, 2019

You know how in the last blog post I said that Robin had me moving chickens around? That still seems to be my job. Robin doesn’t have any more photos to put here but she took a video of me doing it today. You have to go here to see it.

What’s With the Chickens?

June 21, 2019

Robin chose the lambs that she wants to keep this year and she is teaching them to be good sheep. She has been getting them used to a halter and getting them a little more tame. She also wants them to pay attention to a sheepdog. I don’t know why but she gave this job to Ginny.




IMG_4793Here they made a break for it.IMG_4794Ginny doesn’t always have enough power to make the sheep do what they she wants them to but that’s why Robin wants to get these lambs to figure out how they are supposed to behave now.IMG_4799Ginny got herself pretty worked up over that.

So what do I get to do?IMG_4800Herd chickens.IMG_4802That was not my plan.IMG_4807But I guess it’s an important job because otherwise Maggie would eat them while Robin is doing chores.IMG_4808

Meet the Sheep Day

April 27, 2019

Every year Robin has people come out here for a day she calls Meet the Sheep. She wrote a blog post that is here. I look forward to it because usually the Bunny Lady comes and there is a lot of work for me to do keeping track of those bunnies and baby goats. The Bunny Lady didn’t show up this time so there wasn’t as much work.

DSC_9161-2Robin added a Sheep Herding demonstration to the day, but Ginny got to do most of it. I showed people how I control the rams but there are no photos of that.

IMG_3528Before the sheep herding time Ginny tried to get people to play with her. Do you see her ball? Hint: it was once yellow but is dirty. (Look in the corner.)DSC_9233-2When kids were sitting on the ground she wiggled her way in to the group to be petted.DSC_9256-2She knows where the balls are kept even if there aren’t any up there in the fancy ball holder.

There are no sheep herding photos of Ginny either but after the demo Ginny tried to cool off. The last of the regular puddles from all the rain was almost dried up but Ginny knew where there was more water.IMG_3509I didn’t think there was a problem with that but Robin was rather disgusted with her.IMG_3511This is not your normal pool of water. Those piles are “compost”, but we know that they are really manure piles. This pool used to be much deeper with water but now that things are drying up it’s pretty well concentrated into sludge.IMG_3518Nice look, Ginny. IMG_3526Robin hosed Ginny off and after the next herding demo she provided Ginny with an alternate way to cool off.IMG_3567This is the evening after Meet the Sheep. What do you suppose Ginny is looking at? Her ball, of course, which is on the other side of the fence.

A Favorite Snack

April 1, 2019

I can tell when it’s granola-making time because I hear Robin gathering up a bunch of walnuts out of the big bucket.

She lets me help myself.IMG_3301
Sometimes I have to push them around with my nose until I find the right one.IMG_3296
Then I have to make sure that no one else will take it.IMG_3298


IMG_3303That cat was thinking about taking my walnut. (Those are shells from the first walnut on the floor–I don’t eat the shells.)

I made sure that she changed her mind.

She left me in peace and quiet to eat my walnut.


A Rainy Day Last Month

March 30, 2019

I’ve been hearing that I have’t posted enough blog posts. Talk to Robin about that. She controls the computer time. And the photos. And the food.

I had these photos lined up to use a month ago but it didn’t happen. In fact they were taken February 27 when it rained a lot.

IMG_2398This is what it looked like out back in the middle of this rain storm.DSC_6998All of us dogs were getting a little crazy being in the yard. Robin took us out into the driveway area to throw the ball.

When Ginny gets the ball she takes it away and brings it back on her terms.


DSC_7017When Finn gets it he usually brings it to the person who threw it.

Sawyer acts like she wants the ball but its really Finn and Ginny that are crazy for it.DSC_7028
Ginny got it this time.DSC_7038

Maggie doesn’t care about the ball. She just doesn’t want to get hit in the head with it.DSC_7071
When Robin went out to the barn to work Dan threw the ball for us.DSC_7081
A little water doesn’t bother us.DSC_7082



Dogs on Shearing Day

February 16, 2019

Shearing Day was a couple of weeks ago. Robin wrote a post about it here, but that was from her perspective, not mine.

IMG_2112Shearing Day can be an important day for us dogs–at least for Ginny and me. Usually we help with the rams first, but we had moved them the day before because it was going to rain and they needed to stay dry. Robin locked the ewes in and then there wasn’t much to do except greet the people who came. When John, the shearing man, showed up there was surprise. He had a dog with him! He was sure little, but he started running around like he owned the place.IMG_2114The dog’s name was Oakley.  He sort of wanted to play…IMG_2115…but Maggie doesn’t usually play. Ginny just growled at him.IMG_2052Later the puppies showed up in the barn so that there were even more dogs around. Oakley is smaller than they are.

IMG_2068While us dogs were trying to keep track of Oakley, the people were watching the shearing man shear the sheep. This is what it looked like when he sheared the ram named Buster.

IMG_2140There were some ladies in the barn who are learning to be veterinarians. I think they will be very good dog doctors because they sure made us feel good.IMG_2125Since our sheep work was over Ginny just wanted to play with the toy.

IMG_2119Some of the people who were watching the sheep shearing threw it for her…IMG_2141…but once in a while Oakley ended up with it.

Rainy Days

February 16, 2019

Robin is writing a blog at a new place–at least that’s what she says. She is still sitting at the same desk so I don’t know what she’s talking about. She said that there are some pictures of Ginny and me on the post she wrote this morning at this link. I have some photos to share too.

DSC_6721When Robin feeds the sheep I help her by moving the sheep out of the barn so she can put hay in the feeders without them getting in the way. Ginny helps too but the sheep pay better attention to me. DSC_6725This morning there was a lake where there is usually dirt and after Robin fed the sheep she played with Ginny in the lake.DSC_6735As usual I ran after Ginny when she ran after the ball.DSC_6748

DSC_6752 We didn’t care if if we ran through water.DSC_6759


DSC_6767Ginny was even playing with the ball underwater.DSC_6788Ginny, I know where your ball is now. Are you going to come and get it?

Stupid Rams

January 17, 2019

img_1843Robin was gone for a long time (5 days she says), and when she came back it started raining. Everything is muddy and she needed to clean the area where the rams eat. My job is to keep them away while she is working and I do that very well. They know that they can’t come near when I’m on the job.

img_1844This is where she was cleaning–getting the old wet hay away from the feeders. That’s Maggie poking around.dsc_5712Robin took this picture a couple of weeks ago. Notice that there are four rams here and only three in the first picture. The first day that she was gone Dan came out to feed and that smaller one with four horns was dead. We think that one of the others killed him. img_1849This is how they look up close. This bigger four horn ram is the dad of the one that was killed. Robin doesn’t want them near her unless she gets them into a small space to catch them. There was a fence between Robin and the rams when she was taking this picture, but she doesn’t trust that four horn one to not bash the fence if she is standing too close. There is another ram but he is in a different pen because he was beat up by one of these rams a couple of months ago. Stupid rams.img_1848This is the fence next to the ram feeder and those are the goats. They aren’t scary at all and want to be petted.


Heart of an Athlete

January 10, 2019

img_1617This is what it looks like just after breakfast in  the morning. Time for chores.img_1636 Most of the time right now we don’t have much to do but on this morning Robin asked Ginny and me to keep the rams away from her while she cleaned the soggy hay out of the feeders. Ginny still doesn’t pay as much attention as I do to Robin. She was closer than she was supposed to be but the rams seemed to pay attention to her. I was back-up. img_1639We went to the house and right away Robin took me to the car. A doctor appointment? Really? There was a cute little dog there and I might have played, but the leashes didn’t quite reach.img_1641The lady at the front desk had us go into another room where she made some notes. What I eat (dogfood), how I act (good), how old (almost 13).When the doctor came in she listened to my heart and tried to get my back legs to move. She said that there isn’t much range of motion in the hips but that I have a Heart of an Athlete. I’m going to stay on the same medicine that I’ve been on and she didn’t even make me have a blood test because I seem healthy and can go all night without peeing. Of course–was there ever a question about that? I did have to go in the back for her to look in my eyes and give me a shot. Those shots are good for three years and Robin said that is probably the last one I’ll have to get. She seemed a little sad about that but I think that sounds good. img_1649When we came out of the little room we saw a friend. Robin tried to get a photo of Mobi (who lives with Jackie) and me but he wasn’t very cooperative.img_1653He must not understand that you’re supposed to be “photogenic” at all times. We might have started playing but then he had to go into the little room.img_1655I have never really liked car rides. I mean I don’t mind but they are pretty boring. I just sleep on the floor even though Robin put that towel on the seat for me.

The Giant Mosquito

December 30, 2018

Other people from Robin’s family were here a few days ago. Matt brought his giant mosquito with him.IMG_1486He has done this before and it always makes Ginny a little crazy. IMG_1482The puppies don’t like it much either. They all barked at it.DJI_0051All summer the people complain about mosquitoes but those are the little ones. They seem to like this big mosquito because it works for them. It carries a camera and Matt can control where it goes and takes pictures. This is our farm. Our house is in the trees in the middle of the picture and the puppies live in the light colored house near the yellow tree. Across the Road is, umm, across the road on the right side of the photo.DJI_0044Matt called the mosquito in close to take pictures of all of us. Ginny and the puppies had to be held in place or they would have been barking at it.IMG_1490After the mosquito stopped flying then it was time for the ball. As usual it was Ginny and the puppies that were excited about that.IMG_1491It looks as though Finn has the ball in this photo. I will chase all of them.IMG_1493Now they want more but the people didn’t stay out long. They went inside to have dinner.