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Ginny’s Day

August 23, 2016

Can I write in your blog, Rusty? Please? Pleeeze?


This is Ginny. Rusty said that I can show you what I’ve been doing. This is me going out to get the ram lambs for Robin.


Now I have them running in.


Then Robin just wanted me to keep them in one place because she was taking pictures.


Here is one of the pictures she took. This ram is a bad ram because he doesn’t pay attention to me. I bark at him and then Robin yells at me.


We go on walks sometimes in the afternoons. Robin wasn’t paying attention and forgot to tell me to get Red Toy so I brought the wrong one.


This Toy sinks in the water. Robin threw it in the water by mistake and she had to lie on the bridge and grab it as it came under.


Then she just threw it on the road instead of in the water.


Maggie goes on the walks too but she doesn’t pay attention to the Toy or to me.


We see a lot of these big white birds. One of these days I will catch one.


I just know it.

Puppies in My Yard

August 6, 2016

It didn’t take long after the puppies arrived that they came into my yard.


Ginny still wants to just play with The Toy and then I chase her. Just like always. But now sometimes the puppies get knocked over because they aren’t fast enough to get out of the way.


Ginny has competition for The Toy however.


She doesn’t seem to mind someone else with her Toy as long as it is eventually thrown again.


She gets more annoyed at this.


She has learned out to create her personal moat to keep the puppies away.


Finn is playing Olympic Ring Toss.


This is the puppies with their Mom, Meryl.

New Neighbors

August 6, 2016

Robin and Dan were gone for a long time last month. While they were gone we got new neighbors. I think it was a surprise to them when they got back. Or maybe it was that they expected one new one, but not two. Here are photos that Robin took when she got back.


That is Finn in the front and Sawyer in the back with the blue eyes. Chris and Meryl are their parents and they said that the puppies are part Border Collie. That means they are related to me. I’m not too sure about that. Do they really look like me?


All of Robin’s friends were real excited about this and wanted to come meet them right away.


Licking someone’s face? Is that what it takes to get a little attention around here?


I guess they are kind of cute because they are babies.


The puppies have their own fenced yard.


When Robin took these photos the puppies hadn’t been allowed on our side of the fence yet.


Ginny thought they might be fun to play with but Finn barked at her.


The puppies have their own baby toys.


They get tired pretty quickly…


…and they don’t know how to use their bed yet.


Ginny’s Turn

July 4, 2016

Rusty said that I could learn to use his blog. He said that I may as well, since he doesn’t seem to be doing much with it lately. He doesn’t go for walks Across the Road anymore because he gets too sore. When Maggie and I go Rusty goes in the house and has a snack.

Here are photos that Mom took of me chasing The Pink Toy.

This last photo is of me trying to get someone to throw The Pink Toy. There were a bunch of ladies here with spinning wheels and even when I dropped the Toy right on their feet they didn’t get the hint.


Hey Rusty, how did I do? This is fun. Your turn.




June 13, 2016

I don’t get to go Across the Road much anymore. Robin takes Ginny and Maggie but leaves me behind. I always want to run after Ginny but then I get too sore to walk back home. (By the way, Robin says thanks to many blog followers for the advice about that. I have tried several remedies–maybe I’ll write about that some time.) Anyway, for now I don’t get to go there much. The last time we walked Across the Road, Robin kept me on a leash thinking that if I didn’t run full speed after Ginny then I’d be OK.IMG_1656

We are all always on the leashes until we get Across the Road. It’s not just Across, but we also have to walk Up or Down the road to get to the Across the Road part where we get to run. (And it’s not really Up or Down even though that’s what Robin says. There are no hills. It’s left or right, or in sheepdog terms Away or Come By..well, sort of.)IMG_1058

Here are some baby ducks that we saw on that walk.


Robin’s plan was to keep me on the leash while Ginny ran after the Toy. I’m not happy about that.


Eventually she gave in and thought that it would be OK for me to be off the leash where she throws the Toy in the water for Ginny. It does feel good to walk at the edge of the water because the water holds me up.


But that’s not enough. I want to chase Ginny in and out of the water and just for a little bit when she takes the Toy out of the water. Then my hips get really sore again.


Robin says that she’ll take just me Across the Road so I won’t care if we are going slow, but she hasn’t done that yet.

Dogs Across the Road

April 30, 2016

Robin wrote a blog post about taking photos with a certain lens and then she told asked me to show you the photos that she took of Ginny. DSC_8604This is me watching Ginny while Ginny waits for Robin to throw the Toy into the canal.DSC_8597Most of these photos are of Ginny jumping for the toy. Some are blurry but Robin says that’s the best she did so use them anyway.DSC_8616

DSC_8594I continue to wait on the bank. It’s not hot enough for me to want to go in the water just for the heck of it. And besides my hips kind of hurt and it’s hard to go in there.DSC_8635Robin says that only young people can jump like that and not think about what hurts or is going to get hurt.DSC_8647



DSC_8593You have to have a good shake each time you come out of the water.DSC_8658Robin decided to cut the walk short because she thought that it was too hard on me. I would have kept going. I love to run after Ginny. But after I run a little then I have to sit down because my hips are hurting a lot. So we turned down this road. Robin said to tell you that the mountain that you can barely see in the background where the road is pointing is Mount Diablo. DSC_8686This is looking back to the west and that’s our barn. You can’t see our house because it is in the trees. This canal looks kind of pretty right now when it’s green and there are flowers and there is irrigation water flowing. Robin said that you can now almost pretend that it’s a real stream.Ginny and RustyRobin went down a little ways to take flower pictures but then thought we looked better.MaggieMaggie is always with us but she doesn’t get in the pictures much because she is usually up ahead looking for squirrels. DSC_8708Robin likes this photo because I’m in it and maybe because of the rainbow.

Across the Road

April 20, 2016

We finally get to go for walks with Robin Across the Road. It’s been a long time since we’ve been there.  Robin put some pictures in her blog but they aren’t that interesting because they don’t all have dogs in them.IMG_0676I used this picture because you can see that Maggie is with us. She is usually up ahead because all she wants to do is hunt squirrels. Ginny stays near Robin (except when she chases birds and gets yelled at) so that she can chase the Toy and I stay near Ginny so I can chase her.IMG_0675I like to chase Ginny but (though I hate to admit it) my hips and legs hurt a lot. I still chase her but I don’t always follow her back to Robin. I have figured out that Robin throws the Toy in the direction where we have just come from so that Ginny has to run there and back again. Robin thinks that will get Ginny more tired but it doesn’t really work that way. Anyway I wait until Ginny runs back that way and then I don’t have to run as far. I am so glad that the canals are full of water again. It feels good to move with the water and float some. It’s not very easy to get out of the canal now though.IMG_0679The canals have these boards that we walk across to get to the other side. IMG_0680This is where we cross to go back towards home if we’re doing the regular loop.IMG_0670Robin took these photos of the last time we were over there. Ginny is glad to get to chase her Toy in the water again.IMG_0671




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